Real Impact With An Applied AI Workshop:

Is your AI strategy delivering top-tier results in your industry? Are you capitalizing on AI to drive significant revenue, perhaps attributing 5-10% of your company's earnings to it? If generative AI still puzzles you, or if you're keen to chart a course through the evolving landscape of AI, my workshop is tailored for you.

Whether you're pondering the appointment or dismissal of a Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO), or aspiring to elevate your team's AI acumen in their existing roles and processes, I can bridge the gap between AI complexities and practical application.

My 3-hour AI workshop, available both in-person and virtually, is designed to demystify AI in an accessible language. We offer bespoke sessions, from intimate executive-focused workshops to expansive multi-departmental gatherings.

Engage with me to unlock AI's potential for your business. A brief call could be the first step towards transforming your AI strategy. Reach out here: